A predominantly family-friendly inner city neighbourhood close to the bay and Westgate Park

Wirraway is a family friendly neighbourhood.

Small parks, plazas and playgrounds throughout the neighbourhood are linked by leafy streets lined with different types of shops, businesses and homes.

Wirraway provides a choice of diverse housing, including small to medium scale apartment buildings. There are also some higher-rise developments with views to surrounding suburbs and the Bay.

Residential developments provide intimate-scaled green spaces where people can meet, gather and relax. The contemporary architecture in Wirraway sensitively references the area’s cultural and industrial heritage.

JL Murphy Reserve is a major green space in Fishermans Bend. It is a focus for recreation, active throughout the day and evening, with organised sports and leisure activities.

The Reserve incorporates best practice stormwater management, which contribute to Fishermans Bend’s status as a model for water sustainability. Local schools use JL Murphy Reserve during the day for outdoor activities, sharing the space with the broader community.

Wirraway is known for its thriving arts scene. Small galleries, art and design centres and cultural facilities attract visitors from all over Melbourne, as well as tourists from further afield.

The arts culture of Wirraway is a key element of Fishermans Bend’s success as a place for innovation and creativity. Service industries, as well as research and development hubs build off connections to the Employment Precinct. There is a real diversity of workers here.

The heart of Wirraway is located near the intersection of two important public transport routes on Plummer and Salmon Streets. It includes many small businesses, speciality retail, restaurants and cafés, co-located with a variety of community facilities, providing an attractive and engaging experience along Plummer Street Boulevard.

Regular trams along the Boulevard ensure that Wirraway is well connected to the city and beyond. This local centre has higher densities than some other parts of Wirraway, with slender commercial buildings punctuating the generally lower rise skyline.

Buildings step down towards Williamstown Road to respect Garden City’s low scale built form. Wirraway and the Port of Melbourne coexist comfortably, with popular cycle and walking routes providing an accessible landscaped buffer. People can easily walk and ride to Sandridge Beach,

Westgate Park and back through Fishermans Bend towards the city. This is a place for people of all ages – from young people who have great access to schools and other community facilities, adults who work and meet in well designed public spaces and buildings, and older people who can carry out active lives with great recreational and cultural facilities.

Wirraway is a place for everyone.

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