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About the precinct

Lorimer, together with the Yarra's Edge Precinct in Docklands, is a keystone central to Melbourne’s identity as a river city.

River crossings for walking, cycling and public transport continue the legacy of connecting Melbourne – linking Fishermans Bend to Docklands, the CBD, and further afield to the renewal areas around North and West Melbourne. Water transport links Lorimer to the CBD, Docklands and the Employment Precinct.

The precinct promotes healthy and diverse lifestyle choices to the full.

A green spine extends from the river, through the centre of Lorimer, and beyond to the Employment Precinct. This provides a safe, walkable connection between jobs, homes, community facilities, shopping and entertainment. It links a series of public spaces with different roles and characters, provides a recreational corridor and a significant biodiversity connection to Westgate Park. This ensures that residents and workers have well-designed places to meet and gather.

Lorimer Place is the heart of the precinct, characterised by lower scale development incorporating cafés, retail, small businesses and local start-ups.

The high frequency east-west light rail link makes it easy to access the CBD and the Employment Precinct.

Sandridge can be reached by a short walk or bike ride along Ingles Street, which is now an active and landscaped boulevard with public transport access.

Lorimer Street provides increased east-west accessibility, with a focus for walking, cycling and public transport. This aspiration became reality when the dedicated freight route from Webb Dock was completed. It’s just like other CBD streets with shops, offices, and great public spaces.

Smaller streets and laneways link to Lorimer Street, inviting people to explore the precinct or wander down to the river edge. Taller buildings are located closer to the freeway. They are designed to provide a buffer to the freeway and form an attractive backdrop to the precinct.

The community facilities in Lorimer are valued, and often used by residents and workers in Docklands as well as the rest of Fishermans Bend.

Developers partner with government to provide space for community services in their buildings. Facilities such as schools, libraries and medical centres are located within commercial and residential buildings, contributing to the vibrant mixed-use nature of the precinct.

Lorimer enjoys a real sense of community. People of all backgrounds and ages find Lorimer a welcoming and convenient place to live and work.

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