The Fishermans Bend Development Board was established in 2018 and reappointed in October 2020. Together they guide the planning and development of this landmark project for Melbourne. The Board will guide engagement with the community, advising on precinct plans and major decisions for Fishermans Bend, supporting the growth of healthy, thriving neighbourhoods while creating new jobs.

The board is led by Ms Meredith Sussex AM as Chair. Ms Sussex is joined by a team of experts in planning, industry, finance and transport: Ms Cheryl Batagol PSM, Ms Janet Bolitho, and Ms Susan Oliver AM.

The Board are ensuring the vision for Fishermans Bend is realised through accountability and good decision-making.

In addition, a Mayors’ Forum was established with the City of Melbourne and the City of Port Phillip, which continues the strong partnerships and collaboration integral to the success of the area.

Meridith Sussex   Meredith Sussex AM is an expert on city planning and chair of the Fishermans Bend Ministerial Advisory Committee. She is committed to community engagement in the development and implementation of public policy.
JB  Janet Bolitho is a Fishermans Bend Ministerial Advisory Committee member and an advocate for urban renewal.  A former City of Port Philip mayor, her strong connection with the Port Philip Bay area is expressed through her website, Port Places.
SO  Susan Oliver AM is an entrepreneurial business leader who is deeply committed to the innovation agenda. Her strong commercial and technical skills result from directorial experience of 20+ years. Susan was appointed Chair of the Wheeler Centre board in 2017.


Cheryl Batagol has more than 40 years’ experience in the waste management, water and environmental sectors.  She is Chairperson of the Environment Protection Authority and has a Public Service Medal for service to sustainability.
The tenure of the Fishermans Bend Development Board ended on the 31 December 2023. For any project related enquiries, please contact the Fishermans Bend Taskforce at

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