One of Melbourne’s premium office and commercial centres, balanced with diverse housing and retail

Sandridge is the largest of the capital city zoned neighbourhoods and will encompass a diverse range
of characteristics. It will become one of Melbourne’s premium office and commercial locations, centered
around public transport connections providing excellent access to the CBD.

New streets and laneways will transform the existing industrial scale blocks into a walkable neighbourhood.
The creation of the Fennell/Plummer Street civic spine will stitch the whole precinct together and provide
high quality public transport, pedestrian and cycling connections into Wirraway.

Architecturally diverse towers within the new commercial centre extend Melbourne’s skyline towards Port Phillip
Bay. These buildings are designed to provide an attractive street level experience and protect public spaces from

The scale of the buildings is lower outside of this centre and transitions to low-scale developments adjacent to Port Melbourne and Garden City. A variety of new open spaces will provide a wide range of recreational activities.

These are connected through a network of green links, laneways and shared paths. North Port Oval, with its historic grandstand, is a key anchor for the local community and supports many civic and recreational uses.

A new school located close by provides educational and co-located community services. Other community services for residents and workers in Sandridge are delivered through mixed use developments and community hubs.

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Page last updated: 21/05/19