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About the precinct

Montague is a diverse and well-connected mixed-use precinct with a range of buildings. It comprises of two neighbourhoods, each with their own character and identity.

Located between the Westgate Freeway and the 109 light rail route, the northern neighbourhood has a strong mixed use focus, including residential and office activity. The buildings are carefully designed to achieve human scale at street level.

The northern neighbourhood is supported by a range of community services co-located within mixed-use developments. Normanby Road is a vibrant boulevard and an extension of Williamstown Road, with a strong cycling connection linking Fishermans Bend to the CBD.

The southern neighbourhood has a range of building types. Its network of gritty streets and laneways support a myriad of businesses, including shops, cafés and creative industries that contribute to the neighbourhood’s vibrant and eclectic character. The area is safe and lively, both day and night, with street art and a strong pedestrian focus.

Heritage and character buildings have been adapted to provide high amenity housing and commercial opportunities. Lower scale residential and commercial buildings along City Road and Boundary Street ensure that the precinct is well integrated with its neighbours.

Montague is well linked to the CBD and surrounding areas. Light rail, as well as high frequency buses make it easy to connect with friends, family and employment destinations.

Ferrars Street provides a pleasant walking and cycling connection to the South Melbourne Market as well as the Yarra River and South Wharf precinct. There are also strong links to Sandridge and Lorimer, as well as Albert Park, with its major recreational and sporting facilities.

The open space near the corner of Buckhurst and Ferrars Street is a key landscape asset for the precinct, connected to a series of public spaces and the Buckhurst Street green spine.

A community hub, co-located with the Primary School in Ferrars Street, is a focus for the local community.

It is supported by another community hub co-located at the Montague Continuing Education Centre. The Buckhurst Street green spine connects these two hubs with a series of complementary activities, creating the heart of Montague through an activated public realm. Montague’s southern neighbourhood has been established as a diverse and family friendly community.

Buckhurst Street is safe, pleasant and tree lined, with strong cycling and walking connections to Bay Street, Port Melbourne and the City. It is a cosmopolitan destination for retail and dining, providing a focus for community interaction.

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