The inclusion of the 230-hectare Employment Precinct (identified as a National Economic and Innovation Cluster in Plan Melbourne), as part of the Fishermans Bend area presents many exciting opportunities to create and support good, secure 21st century jobs on the doorstep of the CBD.

The evolution of future businesses and industries provides the opportunity to build a culture in the Employment Precinct that draws on the past while signposting the future.

The Victorian Government's Fishermans Bend Innovation Precinct sits within the Employment Precinct at the former General Motors Holden (GMH) site, and will drive innovation in advanced manufacturing, engineering and design and is a catalyst for transforming the Employment Precinct.

The transformation of the GMH site will encourage the development of high-value, future-focused industrial firms, leveraging off new major research institutions.

Westgate Park performs an important role in providing an extensive area of parkland in an urban setting for existing and future residents and workers.

A variety of walking and cycling links provide connections to the bay and the city, with the Gateway to the GMH project set to improve the directness and safety of connections back to the city.

Read more about Fishermans Bend Innovation Precinct, the future of Fishermans Bend and the future of advanced manufacturing, engineering and design.

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Page last updated: 07/05/21