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About the precinct

The Fishermans Bend Employment Precinct is a world renowned location for innovative industries - attracting international investment and producing world-leading research, engineering, technology and products. Its economy is highly productive and profitable, but with a low environmental impact, and complements Fishermans Bend as a whole through compatible land uses.

World-class transport and IT infrastructure enhances the daily experience for workers and visitors alike. Its strategic location in Melbourne makes this an attractive place to work for highly skilled professionals.

Melbourne’s transition into a resilient and sustainable city is showcased here. The Employment Precinct supports a range of specialist technical and creative services, located throughout Fishermans Bend.

The precinct is located close to the CBD and Docklands and has easy access to Melbourne Airport, the Port of Melbourne and major roads.

The Employment Precinct boasts a rich array of active and public transport options, including water transport. This enables easy access to neighbouring suburbs, and further afield to Docklands, Southbank, Melbourne's west and the CBD.

Light rail and high frequency bus routes connect people to Melbourne’s public transport network, reducing travelling times and costs. A freight transport connection ensures the ongoing efficient operation of the Port of Melbourne.

The precinct’s broad spectrum of complementary economic sectors supports Melbourne’s global competitiveness in high-tech advanced manufacturing, research and technology. Areas of expertise include aerospace, defence, education, transport, biotechnology, information technologies and creative industries.

This is a great place to work, learn and visit.

Purpose-built labs, campuses, offices and education spaces sit alongside a public realm of exceptional standard. Conversations and ideas are as likely to happen in streets, cafés, piazzas or by the water, as they are in the boardroom.

Many of the people who work in the precinct live close by, with their children attending schools there as well.

The green spaces contribute to high levels of biodiversity and are ‘green lungs’ for the area, with tree-lined streets and parks for workers. A green link extends from Lorimer, through the Employment Precinct to Westgate Park, forming a transport and biodiversity corridor. The rate of water consumption in the area is 50 percent less than that of broader Melbourne, thanks to the integrated water recycling facility.

A hub of innovation, the Employment Precinct is a catalyst for Melbourne’s sustainable growth.

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