A social history study that captures the stories of Fishermans Bend has been released.

Life on the bend explores eight themes that interweave stories melding people, place and time together. Fishermans Bend is a place of stories, of remarkable people and communities, of resilience and self-determination.

As part of the Fishermans Bend Framework, it will provide a touchstone for future place-making and interpretive initiatives.

Life on the bend includes a range of themes and stories woven throughout, including histories of Westgate Park and Montague, the stories of the goats of Fishermans Bend and the Lascar Seamen, the glass medicine bottles produced from its sands, and the role of women in the workplace during World War II.

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Life on the bend cover

Call for photos

Do you have photos that celebrate Fishermans Bend's past or present? We are starting a collection of photos to display online. Email fishermansbend@ecodev.vic.gov.au and include a brief description of the photo.

Page last updated: 16/04/20