Fishermans Bend - a priority precinct for Victoria

The development of Fishermans Bend has entered an exciting planning implementation phase as part of the newly created Priority Precincts portfolio within the State Government. Led by the Minister for Priority Precincts, Minister Gavin Jennings MLC, the portfolio was established on 1 January.

Speaking at a Committee for Economic Development Australia (CEDA) event, Unlocking Innovation and Jobs for Melbourne, Minister Jennings said the priority precincts are exemplars and areas of state-significance with the potential to catalyse economic growth and jobs, accommodate population and maximise value to the community.

Minister Jennings said National Employment and Innovation Clusters (NEICs) such as the Fishermans Bend Employment Precinct will play a key role in developing an innovative, vibrant and prosperous 21st Century city. Bringing together the facets of a quality community and cultural life, infrastructure, opportunities for conversation and a harmonious and safe environment were all precursors to innovation and collaboration.

Fishermans Bend Development Board Chair, Meredith Sussex AM, told the audience that there isn’t anywhere else in the world with the opportunity of Fishermans Bend. She said there was already a strong base of innovative, inventive industries that are driving innovation in day to day work.

Help shape the future Fishermans Bend community hospital

Expressions of Interest (EOI) are being sought for locals to join a Community Consultation Committee to help decide the services for the Fishermans Bend community hospital. 

Approximately 15 representatives from the local community and from key organisations such as local councils and health service providers are being requested. 

For more information and to apply to be part of the Committee, visit the Victorian Health and Human Services Building Authority website. The EOI closes on 23 April 2019.

“What we are trying to do now is bring that together around the ‘place’, in particular in the employment precinct but more broadly as well, and moving to thinking about how we encourage those collisions which set up for a virtuous circle of additional innovation in the 21st century.”

Ms Sussex said a strong basis of affordability and inclusivity were key ingredients as well as creating an environment that attracts and nurtures talent.

The Development Board continues to work closely with the City of Port Phillip and City of Melbourne as well as the broader community.

The Fishermans Bend Taskforce has begun operations under the newly created Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions (DJPR), and will continue to work closely with the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning on the remaining planning tasks, including assessment of development proposals and precinct implementation plans.

Help shape the future Fishermans Bend community hospital

Have your say on the Fishermans Bend community hospital -  Expression of interest sought for Community Consultation Committee.

A Community Consultation Committee will provide a forum for members of the local community affected by the project to participate in its planning and development through open dialogue and consultation.

For more information and to apply to be part of the Committee, visit the Victorian Health and Human Services Building Authority website.  

Another development 'turns the sod' at Fishermans Bend

A sod turning event was held by Spec Property on 13 March to mark the start of construction of their new residential development in Thistlethwaite St called Lilix. It will provide 148 residences across 8 floors with a rooftop terrace and communal spaces.

Development activity continues apace in Fishermans Bend. The Gravity Tower, Nightfall and a large townhouse development in Ingles Street were recently completed, three residential and commercial projects have commenced and another ‘sod turning’ is expected soon. Other developers are actively marketing and selling off-the-plan.

There are many interesting and exciting development proposals being presented that feature great community services and facilities such as supermarkets and childcare centres.

Picture: Chair of Fishermans Bend Development Board Meredith Sussex AM with Simon Abdelmalak from Spec Property

Working in partnership with the community

Following the release of the Framework for Fishermans Bend in October last year, the Development Board and the Taskforce continues to work with the stakeholders and the community to progress the Frameworks actions.

Work is underway on significant catalyst projects such as:

  • Planning for public transport connections
  • The new community hospital
  • Fishermans Bend Secondary school
  • A world leading, water recycling facility
  • ​Master planning for Australia's entre of innovation in design and manufacturing on the former GMH site, which will includes the University of Melbourne's School of Engineering new campus.

Community engagement on the development of the precinct implementation plans for Montague, Wirraway, Sandridge and Lorimer will take place in the next couple of months. The plans will detail how the strategies set in the Framework will be applied to each of the Fishermans Bend precincts. There will be a range of face to face and online opportunities to have your say. More information will follow soon.

Celebrating Australia's first Wirraway flight at Fishermans Bend

This month marks the 80th anniversary of the first flight of the Wirraway warplane. The first production aircraft CA -1 Wirraway made its maiden flight in front of all the Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation (CAC) workers and other invited guests in Fishermans Bend on 27 March 1939.

According to the Aviation Heritage journal, 'Land was purchased at Fisherman's Bend, a factory erected, machine tools were purchased overseas, an organisation was established and the first Wirraway aircraft the Australian version of the NA-33, was flown on March 27, 1939. L.J. Wackett was the General Manager and later the Managing Director. When war broke out at the beginning of September 1939, CAC had delivered seven Wirraways to the R.A.A.F.'

For more information on the history of Fishermans Bend, visit our social history page.

Image courtesy Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation (Australia)

Upcoming Events

In collaboration with NGV for Melbourne Design Week, Open House Melbourne presents Waterfront, a range of events that explores the role design plays in reframing Melbourne's relationship with water. As part of this series, Fishermans Bend features in a public talk and a walking tour. There is more information on Open House Melbourne on their website.

Fishermans Bend makes international news

Westgate Lake turned pink in February and the images sent local and international news into a spin.

The natural but rare phenomenon is the result of our warm conditions, low rainfall and the lake’s high salt content. The lake’s algae produce a red pigment as photosynthesis occurs, turning the water a bright pink. The event drew crowds to Westgate Park to experience an astounding scene - there was even a sighting of a blushing bride among the visitors!

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