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The draft Fishermans Bend Recast Vision was prepared by the Fishermans Bend Taskforce to propose a future for Fishermans Bend and its distinctive neighbourhoods.

From Friday 27 May to Friday 1 July 2016, the Fishermans Bend Taskforce released the draft Fishermans Bend Recast Vision for public consultation.

Community feedback has been used to develop a final vision for Fishermans Bend.

Why was the vision for Fishermans Bend recast?

The vision responds to a recommendation from the Fishermans Bend Ministerial Advisory Committee (MAC) to refresh and redefine the vision for Fishermans Bend.

The MAC recognised the community’s broad support for the Fishermans Bend Urban Renewal Area Draft Vision (2013) and advised that any new vision should use the 2013 version as a baseline and draw on wider economic, social and environmental influences on Fishermans Bend.

The Taskforce consulted with officers from the cities of Melbourne and Port Phillip and a range of government departments and agencies to prepare the Fishermans Bend Recast Vision.

The recast vision builds on the 2013 version however recognises the changed environmental context including:

  • Acknowledging job diversity with the addition of the 205 hectare Employment Precinct.
  • Aligning with the refresh of Plan Melbourne, our city plan to 2051, by including transport initiatives, building climate change resilience, addressing housing supply, diversity and choice, as well as sustainability and energy efficiency measure.
  • The changing built form environment including scale and density, ensuring the liveability of Fishermans Bend.

The Recast Vision includes the recast vision for Fishermans Bend, the 10 Strategic Directions and the vision for each precinct to 2050.

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