On May 9, a diverse group of people came together for three days to brainstorm ideas to be developed tangible concepts that support the Fishermans Bend vision.  

The Jam was specifically focused on generating ideas for inventive and deliverable solutions for the Employment Precinct - set to become Australia's leading place for design, engineering and advanced manufacturing.

An ideas or innovation jam is a catalyst or a ‘spark’ designed to ignite thinking and develop solutions for real and transformative change.

The jammers, working in five teams, were given the challenge of finding solutions based around the following themes:

  • Improving transport;
  • Creating a smart city;
  • Attracting DREAM (Design, Robotics, Engineering and Advanced Manufacturing) industries;
  • Providing a high quality public realm; and,
  • Driving best practice sustainability.

Teams comprised community members and experts from government, industry and the tertiary sector all bringing a wealth of knowledge, expertise, creativity and innovative thinking to the table to explore how to use data and technology to create, develop and deliver game-changing ideas for a connected and sustainable future state.

Jammers had two days to brainstorm, drill down, share knowledge and have robust conversations to distil their ideas and discussions into concepts to support the vision for Fishermans Bend and the Employment Precinct.

On the final day, concepts were showcased to over 150 community and business members, and presented to the Jam panel of Meredith Sussex, Chair of the Fishermans Bend Ministerial Advisory Committee, Adam Fennessy, Secretary DELWP and David Bartlett, former Premier of Tasmania.

The five key ideas of the Jam were:

  • Transport Focus

Improving transport by creating multi-modal transport hubs and connections that provide live road and public transport travel information to enable people to choose the best way to travel to and from Fishermans Bend.

  • Sustainability Focus

Driving best practice sustainability by creating the  ‘green cycle of life’ where a green hub would be created in Fishermans Bend to turn local food waste into heat, energy and recycled water for local use and compost for local food production and green spaces.

  • Smart Cities Focus

Creating an adaptive and globally connected infrastructure that sets Fishermans Bend up to provide people a better way of working and living in an unknowable future through an infrastructure and data platform – open infrastructure, open data and data repository.

  • DREAM (Design, Robotics, Engineering and Advanced Robotics) Focus

The Employment Precinct as an eco-system, that nurtures talent and encourages collaboration to enable future start-ups and DREAM businesses to thrive, across three levels of interaction – sharing, amenities and governance and infrastructure.

  • Public Realm Focus

The concept of the ‘evolution of democracy’ through the creation of a tool (possibly an app) called ‘civic heartbeat’.  The tool collects both active and passive data to help with ongoing design/maintenance of Fishermans Bend’s public realm and future decision making in a collaborative way. It creates a methodological approach that tests design ideas in relation to essential human needs.

The outcomes from the Ideas Jam are being considered in the development of the Fishermans Bend Framework, the Precinct Plans as well as for the broader vision for the area.  

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Page last updated: 17/10/19