Transformation of Fishermans Bend takes a major step forward

A major step forward in the transformation of Fishermans Bend was announced in September 2016 with plans to develop Australia's leading design, engineering and technology district at the General Motors Holden (GMH) site in Salmon Street.

The Government’s strategic purchase of this site, located in the heart of Fishermans Bend will bring together industry leaders in the cutting edge areas of aerospace, defence, marine design, automotive design, and more.

This project will drive private sector investment into the Fishermans Bend Employment Precinct and this strategically located site will see key industry players, education and research organisations work together to grow our design, engineering and technology capital and create thousands of high value jobs.

The GMH site is a key catalyst project for Fishermans Bend and showcases the transition of the Employment Precinct into one of Australia's leading places for leadership in innovation.

In December 2017, Australia's highest-ranked university, the University of Melbourne, announced it will build a new campus in Fishermans Bend as part of an almost $1 billion commitment to create a world-class engineering school.

Set to open in the early 2020s, the new campus will cover seven hectares of the GMH site. The new campus will be at the heart of Australia’s largest urban renewal area and will see over 1000 new engineering and IT students and academics collaborating with industry leaders in cutting edge fields.

The site is the perfect setting for world-leading research and industry collaboration. The unique location will allow the university to undertake large scale research and innovation that can’t be accommodated on the Parkville campus, such as wind and water tunnels, and electric vehicle and engine propulsion testing.

The Employment Precinct has a rich industrial heritage, with advanced manufacturing and technical innovation driving the economic success of Fishermans Bend for many decades. Designated a National Employment and Innovation Cluster (NEIC) in Plan Melbourne 2017-2050, the area will continue to foster innovative businesses and emerging industries into the future.

GM Holden is retaining its corporate headquarters, advanced international design studios and engineering facilities on site, with the Victorian Government in talks with major global companies and leading education partners for this new development.

To find out more, contact Invest Victoria on or 03 9651 8100.

General Motors Holden Site Image

The General Motors Holden site will help facilitate the transition to an area that is known for collaboration and global leadership in innovation.

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