The Fishermans Bend Taskforce are gearing up to participate in Place Week Victoria 2019, a week-long series of activities that support and celebrate the work of those seeking to transform public spaces into places where communities can come together.

Launched last year, Place Week is a collaborative project led by the University of Melbourne in collaboration with a consortium of other universities and additional industry partners.

Building on the successes of 2018, a new series of events will take place as part of Place Week from the 11th to the 17th of May and will include a focus on Fishermans Bend, including an evening workshop which will explore what opportunities exist for placemaking and activation in Australia’s largest urban renewal area.

Fishermans Bend is of course entering a period of significant transition.  Building on the areas rich history of industry and manufacturing, each of its precincts will soon become distinct mixed-use neighbourhoods focused on people and human scale interactions.  

The precinct of Montague is leading this change, largely on account of its attractive location within walking distance of the CBD, public transport access by two existing tram routes and proximity to nearby amenities such as South Melbourne Market. With early government investment in the South Melbourne Primary School and Kirrip Park, it is ready to transition into one of Melbourne’s next great places to live, work and play.

“Making Montague – the role of placemaking after planning” will be a fun evening of discussion and creative thinking, as we explore how this place on the edge of the CBD might preserve its unique character while evolving into Melbourne’s newest neighbourhood.  The event will be held at Fishermans Bend’s first vertical school, the Ferrars Street Education and Community Facility on Thursday 16 May from 7pm.  For full details and bookings visit the the event website here – bookings are essential.

Place Week has an exciting calendar of events happening each day next week – to find out more click here.

Page last updated: 07/05/19