The Fishermans Bend Taskforce is committed to engaging with the community and stakeholders at every step of the planning for Fishermans Bend.

There will be a range of ways and opportunities to have your say throughout the planning process and we will keep the community and stakeholders up-to-date as details are confirmed.

Our engagement principles

Community and stakeholder consultation on Fishermans Bend is based on the following principles:

  • engage and inspire wider Melbourne about the potential of the area as well as seek the international attention the project warrants
  • acknowledge and build on the community input at each stage of engagement
  • work collaboratively with the diversity of views and interests by actively engaging with the range of stakeholders who are impacted by and should inform the planning process
  • respect the knowledge and aspirations of existing community members
  • acknowledge the voice of future communities of Fishermans Bend and their role in shaping the place in which they will live and work
  • enunciate clear policy positions on the fundamentals of the project (eg. transport, sustainability, liveability, density and population growth)
  • facilitate well-informed dialogue and decisions from a strong evidence base
  • build understanding of and confidence in the project outcomes through accurate and timely information, transparent decision-making and mechanisms for implementation
    *flexible and creative by ensuring communication is responsive and evolves as the precincts and community involve.

The Fishermans Bend engagement approach allows the community and our stakeholders to have their say at each stage of the planning approval process.

Page last updated: 06/06/19